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Analysing The Sustainability Of The London Olympics Environmental Sciences Essay

Investigating The Sustainability Of The London Olympics Environmental Sciences Essay The topic and heart of the Olympics and the Paralympic Games 2012 is maintainability. The maintainable methodology will prompt durable natural, social and financial advantages through recovery and heritage (Pointer and Mercury, 2009). The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 was propelled on 23 January 2007 to autonomously guarantee Londons 2012 promise to have the practical Games. Source: http://www.london2012.com The explanation behind London to have the 2012 Olympic Games was the practical part of the Games and the site. The London Olympic Games are set to impact the world forever on carbon decrease issues and is the first of its sort concerning the framework and overall exposure of Games. The scene of the 2012 Games will be the 200 and forty-six hectare Olympic Park in east London and the western edge of the Thames Gateway. East London is the most different and most denied network in the UK, the thought behind the undertaking was to recover the entire city. To spotless and clear the Olympic Park, practical methods were used to reuse and reuse 90% of the destruction material and 80% of soil nearby. The administration is investing their best energy to accomplish short and long haul objectives. A decent advancement is being made in the region of reasonable plan and development to accomplish vitality effectiveness. The Olympics panel have intended to limit the ecological effect and have set a z ero carbon strategy for 2012. The associations liable for London 2012 Games are the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to plan and stage the Games and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to manufacture the scenes and foundation for the Games. The London 2012 Olympic offers open doors for London to improve framework being naturally reasonable. The London 2012 sorting out board of trustees has built up an arrangement to set out the possibility of maintainability, One Planet Living and has an arrangement to accomplish these objectives. The panel needs United Kingdom TO BE the universes driving brandishing country, MAKE the Olympic Park a manual for maintainable living, TRANSFORM east London to a superior spot, INSPIRE youngsters to partake in social and social exercises, DEMONSTRATE the nation is an inviting spot to all. In 2006, not many development responsibilities were created for the Olympics 2012. The board of trustees needed a coordinated task group that cooperates to accomplish the most ideal results and which incorporates originators, manufacturers, planners, ecological investigators and manageability engineers to accomplish structures that are inventive, imaginative and fit for meeting fundamental targets, utilizing present day strategies for development, with the subject of supportability and guaranteeing wellbeing and security norms. The Olympics 2012 arrangement includes three fundamental stages for example the readiness, occasion arranging and building a consistently enduring legacy. The 2012 games planning includes structure and development of the Olympic Park and foundation, keeping supportability the topic of the venture, to make an effect on the development methods for the nation as maintainability is a generally new idea. The 2012 games must make sure about a heritage for the Olympi c Park zone and the UK to be a stage for feasible recovery program. The significant factor for the arranging and development is the sourcing of materials, squander the executives, development effects and advantages, business and bio-decent variety influences. Decreasing Carbon impression of Olympics I Energy The primary key to lessen carbon dioxide outflows is the arrangement of sustainable power source with elevated level of effectiveness, the specialists need to create clean vitality squanders and sewage. The Olympic board of trustees and the London improvement authority are setting another vitality recuperation plant that utilizations waste to create sustainable power source, to diminish carbon dioxide emanations. The principle worry for the games is the carbon impression of lasting scenes and the typified vitality of the structures for impermanent settings. II Waste One of the issues is to kill and handle waste and attempt to reuse, reuse or fertilizer it, it has been guaranteed that no waste emerging during Olympics will be straightforwardly send to landfill. The reused material will be utilized for food bundling frameworks to maintain a strategic distance from pollution. Source: London 2012 maintainability plan III Water asset the board The supportability issue for the games incorporates arrangement of clean drinking water, reusing dim water, overseeing flood dangers. This will be accomplished by forcing water sparing advances, decreasing interest of water and planning productive scene for the city. IV Air Quality Great air quality is a need thought for the games to guarantee the best conditions for world competitors to contend in, the contamination will be decreased to a base during the games. V Biodiversity Biodiversity protection is a piece of the advancement of numerous 2012 scenes, guaranteeing no huge unfriendly impact on territories or species. VI Materials Determination of materials is a primary piece of the reasonable sourcing, the reason and use is distinguished, remembering the neighborhood wellspring of the material, cost and incentive for cash, its compensation back time, natural and social effects and the degree to reuse or reuse. VII Transport The London 2012s manageable vehicle plans urge individuals to make a trip to London settings by the reasonable modes open vehicle, strolling or cycling and utilization of rail over air transport to limit the carbon emanations and effects on air quality created by the vehicle. VIII Food The vision for the food during games is to give assorted and great quality British food and beverages at moderate costs which will leave a solid, supportable inheritance for UK by sustaining business associations. VIII Health and Safety London 2012 is resolved to advance solid living among the workforce by arrangement of sound food in the site bottles, evaluating cooks on the recreation center by Environmental Health Offices (EHOs), not permitting liquor on the destinations and conveying wellbeing and security instructive program for kids dwelling close to the site. IX Equality and Diversity The London Olympics 2012 will bring openings for work up in London by 70,000 by 2012 (work volunteer London 2012), the network has faith in equity among men, ladies, races and crippled individuals. The London Olympics 2012 have set five need subjects for maintainability. For change in atmosphere issues, their point is to limit carbon impression of Games and the improvement in general, which will be accomplished by limiting exemplified vitality influences, advancing vitality productivity and utilization of sustainable power source assets. The Olympics are attempting to build up a waste administration foundation reuse, decrease, reuse, manure and utilize waste to create vitality. The zone facilitating Olympics will be created by physical, social and monetary recovery and by improving environment of the scenes to save nature. The Games and the inheritance will advance a solid way of life for British and make them mindful of the supportability angles (London 2012 maintainability plan). The Olympics will give a stage to answers for creating foundation, vitality and water asset the executives, transport, neighborhood food creation, carbon relief and adjustment.

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Government is Best which Governs Least :: essays papers

Government is Best which Governs Least I generously acknowledge the aphorism, That legislature is best which administers least; and I should jump at the chance to see it misbehaved to all the more quickly and deliberately. Completed, it at long last adds up to this, which likewise I accept - That administration is best which oversees not in the slightest degree; and when men are set up for it, that will be the sort of government which the will have. Government is, best case scenario however a catalyst; yet most governments are as a rule, and all legislatures are in some cases, inexpedient. The complaints which have been brought against a standing armed force, and they are numerous and profound, and have the right to win, may likewise finally be brought against a standing government. The standing armed force is just an arm of the standing government. The administration itself, which is just the mode which the individuals have decided to execute their will, is similarly at risk to be mishandled and distorted before the indi viduals can act through it. Witness the current Mexican war, crafted by nearly a couple of people utilizing the standing government as their device; for in the beginning, the individuals would not have agreed to this measure. This American government- - what is it however a custom, however an ongoing one, trying to transmit itself healthy to descendants, yet every moment losing a portion of its trustworthiness? It has not the essentialness and power of a solitary living man; for a solitary man can twist it to his will. It is a kind of wooden weapon to the individuals themselves. In any case, it isn't the less fundamental for this; for the individuals must have some convoluted hardware or other, and hear its clamor, to fulfill that thought of government which they have. Governments show in this manner how effectively men can be forced upon, even force on themselves, for their own preferred position. It is astounding, we should all permit. However this administration never of itself facilitated any endeavor, yet by the energetic willingness with which it escaped its direction. It doesn't keep the nation free. It doesn't settle the West. It doesn't teach. The character inborn in the American individuals has done the sum total of what that has been cultivated; and it would have done to some degree more, if the legislature had not here and there hindered its. For government is a catalyst, by which men would fain prevail with regards to letting each other alone; and, as has been stated, when it is generally practical, the administered are most left be by it.

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Lessons in Life and Marketing Yourself (a.k.a. What I Learned at the River Food Pantry)

Lessons in Life and Marketing Yourself (a.k.a. What I Learned at the River Food Pantry) Last Friday evening I volunteered at the River Food Pantry, the busiest food pantry in my county. The pantry distributes 30 thousand pounds of food to 600 families per weekâ€"I think I personally distributed about 1000 pounds of it, as I was in charge of giving out cabbages. These were not just ordinary cabbages like the ones you see in the grocery store. Some of them were bigger than my head and easily weighed 7 pounds. My cabbage volunteer experience taught me many lessons about life and even resumes. Here’s some of what I learned: I *do* have time in my life for volunteering, and it feels good. All it takes is putting it in my calendar. This time it helped that a group of friends all decided to volunteer on the same day. Volunteering is even more fun as a community and when you can go out with friends afterward! (Maybe you are procrastinating something that would get done if you put it in your calendar and/or made a group experience out of it?) When there are small cabbages and big cabbages, most people do not want the big cabbages. But when there are only big cabbages, people take the big ones. Of course some people simply don’t like cabbage. But if you’re interested in cabbage, the desirability of any given one is all in your perspective. (It is your job to make yourself or your product look desirable when compared to all the other choices around it.) When told, “You can have one of everything on this table,” (a table filled with berries, pumpkins and potatoes in addition to heads of cabbage) people often skip over the cabbage. But when asked, “Would you like a cabbage?” most people will take a cabbage. And when further offered, “A nice big one?” most people will take a big one. This phenomenon reminded me of how simple our minds are. Put whatever you want people to notice in front of their noses; draw their attention to it and they will probably bite. We humans are so suggestible. (This strategy works on resumes too!) People like variety. On a cart to my right there were packs of cut watermelon. No one was taking them. But when they were placed on a table next to packs of blackberries and people were told they could choose two things, they chose variety: one watermelon and one blackberry instead of 2 blackberries. The watermelon, previously unwanted, flew off the shelves. (Workplaces and colleges look for variety too. You might be the right fit just because you are different!) People like things that look pretty. About an hour into my shift, I decided to start cleaning up the cabbages, taking off the outer leaves, before offering them to customers. The number of cabbage takers increased significantly. (Can you see an implication for your job search and marketing documents here?) I like to finish what I started. Even after my friends had completed their tasks, I found it impossible to leave with them until I had given out cabbages to the last patron. I’m sure someone else could have peeled cabbage leaves just as well as I did, but for some reason I felt I needed to see my job through to the end. And so I did. Do you have a tradition of volunteering at holiday time? I’d love to hear what it is! And perhaps this year you can use the occasion as a way to learn some life lessons as well as spread holiday cheer.

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The History of Pinball and Pinball Machines

Pinball is a coin-operated arcade game  where players score points by shooting metal balls on an inclined playfield, hitting special targets, and avoiding losing their balls: throughout the 1970s 80s, high school and college students found coin-gobbling pinball machines in arcades and bars. But pinball history begins nearly 100 years earlier than that. Montague Redgrave Bagatelle In 1871, British inventor, Montague Redgrave (1844–1934) was granted US Patent #115,357 for his Improvements in Bagatelle. Bagatelle was an older game that used a table and balls—rather like a miniature version of pool or billiards—and it was invented in late 18th century France. Redgraves patented changes to the game of Bagatelle included adding a coiled spring and a plunger, making the game smaller, replacing the large bagatelle balls with marbles, and adding the inclined playfield. All of these were common features of the later game of pinball. Pinball machines appeared in mass during the early 1930s as counter-top machines (without legs) and they featured the characteristics created by Montague Redgrave. In 1932, manufacturers began adding legs to their games. First Pinball Games Bingo made by the Bingo Novelty Company was a counter-top mechanical game released in 1931. It was also the first machine manufactured by D. Gottlieb Company, who were contracted to produce the game. Baffle Ball made by David Gottlieb Company, was a counter-top mechanical game released in 1931. In 1935, Gottlieb released an electro-mechanical standing version of Baffle Ball with a  payout. Bally Hoo was a counter-top mechanical game with optional legs released in 1931. Bally Hoo was the first coin-operated pinball game and it was invented by the founder of the Bally Corporation, Raymond T. Maloney (1900–1958). The term pinball itself as a name for the arcade game was not used until 1936. Tilt! The tilt mechanism was invented in 1934 as a direct answer to the problem of players physically lifting and shaking the games. The tilt debuted in a game called Advance made by Harry Williams. The first battery operated machines appeared in 1933 and inventor Harry Williams made the first. By 1934, machines were redesigned to be used with electrical outlets allowing for new types of sounds, music, lights, lighted backglass, and other features. The pinball bumper was invented in 1937. The bumper debuted in a game called Bumper made by Bally Hoo. Chicago game designers Harry Mabs (~1895–1960) and Wayne Neyens invented the flipper in 1947. The flipper made its debut in a pinball game called Humpty Dumpty, made by D. Gottlieb Company. Humpty Dumpty used six flippers, three on each side. Mid-Century Innovations Pinball machines during the early 50s began to use separate lights behind the glass scoreboard to show scores. The 50s also introduced the first two player games. Pinball manufacturer Steve Kordek (1911–2012) invented the drop target in 1962, debuting in Vagabond, and multiballs in 1963, debuting in Beat the Clock. He is also credited with repositioning the flippers to the bottom of the pinball playing field. In 1966, the first digital scoring pinball machine, Rally Girl was released Rally. In 1975, the first solid-state electronic pinball machine, the Spirit of 76, was released by Micro. In 1998, the first pinball machine with a video screen was released by Williams in their new Pinball 2000 series machines. In the 21st century, versions of pinball are now being sold that are completely software based and have been developed for platforms for computers, handhelds, and gaming devices. Sources and Further Reading Kocurek, Carly A. Coin-Operated Americans: Rebooting Boyhood at the Video Game Arcade. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2015.  Sharpe, Roger. Pinball! New York: E.P. Dutton, 1977.  Sullivan, Barbara. Ballyhoo Over Goldberg Hardly Whole Bally Saga. Chicago Tribune, June 17, 1996.  Sweeney, Melodie. The bagatelle wizard instead of the pinball wizard. National Museum of American History, October 31, 2012.  Terry, Clifford. How the Pinball Machine Got Those Flippers. Chicago Tribune, August 8, 1993.  Wolf, Mark J. P. The Video Game Explosion: A History from PONG to Playstation and Beyond. Westport CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.

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Week 3 Individual Assignment Fin/419 - Finance for...

Week 3 Individual Assignments Finance for Decision Making FIN/419 January 30, 2012 Chapter 4: Problem 4-23 – Personal Finance Problem Funding your retirement - You plan to retire in exactly 20 years. Your goal is to create a fund that will allow you to receive $20,000 at the end of each year for the 30 years between retirement and death (a psychic told you would die exactly 30 years after you retire). You know that you will be able to earn 11% per year during the 30-year retirement period. a. How large a fund will you need when you retire in 20 years to provide the 30-year, $20,000 retirement annuity? $173,880 will be required to retire in 20 years to†¦show more content†¦Chapter 4: Problem 4-48 – Personal Finance Problem Monthly loan payments - Tim Smith is shopping for a used car. He has found one priced at $4,500. The dealer has told Tim that if he can come up with a down payment of $500, the dealer will finance the balance of the price at a 12% annual rate over 2 years (24 months). a. Assuming that Tim accepts the dealer’s offer, what will his monthly (end-of-month) payment amount be? PMT = $4,000(PVIFA12%, 24) PMT = $4,000 / 21.243 PMT = $188.28 b. Use a financial calculator or Equation 4.15a (found in footnote 9) to help you figure out what Tim’s monthly payment would be if the dealer were willing to finance the balance of the car price at a 9% annual rate. PMT = $4,000(PVIFA0.75%, 24) PMT = $4,000 / 21.889 PMT = $182.74 Chapter 6: Problem 6-15 – Personal Finance Problem Basic bond valuation - Complex Systems has an outstanding issue of $1,000-parvalue bonds with a 12% coupon interest rate. The issue pays interest annually and has 16 years remaining to its maturity date. a. If bonds of similar risk are currently earning a 10% rate of return, how much should the Complex Systems bond sell for today? Bo = I x (PVIFAkd%,n) + M x (PVIFkd%,n) Bo = 120 x (PVIFA10%,16) + M x (PVIF10%,16) Bo = $120 x (7.824) + $1,000 x (0.218) Bo =Show MoreRelatedFinance 419 Assignment for Week Two Individual Assignment.2005 Words   |  9 PagesFinance 419 assignment for week two individual assignment. Assignments from the Readings FIN/419 Assignments from theRead MoreManagement Control Systems as a Package13705 Words   |  55 PagesAccounting Research 19 (2008) 324–343 Operation of management control practices as a package—A case study on control system variety in a growth ï ¬ rm context Mikko Sandelin âˆâ€" Helsinki School of Economics, Department of Accounting and Finance, P.O. Box 1210, FIN-00101 Helsinki, Finland Abstract This empirical case study examines the operation of management control practices as a package in a growth ï ¬ rm context by paying particular attention to the couplings among cultural, personnel, action andRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pages978-0-13-612100-8 1. Management—-Study and teaching. 2. Management—Problems, exercises, etc. Kim S. II. Title. HD30.4.W46 2011 658.40071 173—dc22 I. Cameron, 2009040522 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 ISBN 10: 0-13-612100-4 ISBN 13: 978-0-13-612100-8 B R I E F TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Preface xvii Introduction 1 PART I 1 2 3 PERSONAL SKILLS 44 Developing Self-Awareness 45 Managing Personal Stress 105 Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively 167 PART II 4 5 6 7 INTERPERSONAL SKILLSRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 PagesISBN-13: 978-0-471-75167-0 (pbk.) ISBN-10: 0-471-75167-7 (pbk.) 1. Project management-Case studies. I. Title. Printed in the United States of America Contents Preface xi 1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES 1 Lakes Automotive 3 Fems Healthcare, Inc. Clark Faucet Company 2 5 7 11 IMPLEMENTATION OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Kombs Engineering 13 Williams Machine Tool Company 15 Wynn Computer Equipment (WCE) 17 The Reluctant Workers 20 Hyten Corporation 22 Macon, Inc. 35 ContinentalRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesCourse: MBA−10 General Management California College for Health Sciences MBA Program McGraw-Hill/Irwin abc McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−58539−4 Text: Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition Cohen Harvard Business Review Finance Articles The Power of Management Capital Feigenbaum−Feigenbaum International Management, Sixth Edition Hodgetts−Luthans−Doh Contemporary Management, Fourth Edition Jones−George Driving Shareholder Value Morin−Jarrell Leadership, Fifth EditionRead MoreIfrs Compared to Us Gaap209956 Words   |  840 PagesGuidance/IFRS GAAP Comparisons/IFRS compared to U.S. GAAP The information contained herein is for internal and external use. IFRS compared to U.S. GAAP On the road to convergence About this publication Contents 1. Background 2. General issues 3. Statement of financial position 4. Specific items of profit or loss and comprehensive income 5. Special topics Appendix 1 - Abbreviations used for pronouncements Appendix 2 - IASB / FASB convergence projects Document 2 of 75 Source: International/Financial

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Human Sexuality and Disability Free Essays

Article Summary Chandler, B. J. , Brown, S. We will write a custom essay sample on Human Sexuality and Disability or any similar topic only for you Order Now (1998). Sex and relationship dysfunction in neurological disability. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 65, 877-880. doi: 10. 1136/jnnp. 6 5. 6. 877 Researchers Chandler and Brown (1988) conducted a study to see the relationship between neurologically disabled individuals and their experienced sexual relationship problems. Primarily focused on dyadic relationships, this research further sheds light on service providing for affected individuals. A 6 months continuous study was conducted on 70 individuals who were either married, cohabiting or living alone at Hunters Moor Regional Rehabilitation Centre located in Newcastle upon Tyne. Multiple standardized tests to assess cognitive, sexual and psychiatric functioning including, sexual functioning, disability level and current relationship were used. The results showed a wide variety of diagnosis amongst individuals tested. Additionally indicated slightly more than half (51%) had experienced change in sexual functioning and almost a third (27%) of those were highly concerned about this change. Gender was highly associated with concern about sexual functioning, as men were much more concerned. The correlation between sexual dysfunction and duration of illness strongly predicted relationship dissatisfaction. Researchers also suggested that concern is a desire to seek help and so more than one in four required help for sexual dysfunction. The outcome of this study implied sexual dysfunction can predict difficulties within a relationship and the dyadic relationship is an important aspect in managing disability. Further suggesting services designed to address sexual health should also consider and integrate relationship issues when seeking solutions. Reflective Journal Introduction to topic: Human Sexuality and Disability Sexual health is an important aspect of all human beings. Dr. Mona (2011) noted disabled individuals may not fit into the typical category of what is sexually desirable in our society and can result in low sexual self esteem. Disability is a complex phenomenon, which has different aspects. Our group was curious and wanted to research on preconceived assumptions on Sexuality and Disability. The research dealt with physical disability (Injuries affecting mobility, Individuals with Cancer resulting in physical limitations etc. ) its relationship with sexual pleasure, expression and services provided for concerned individuals. The Travelling Tickle Trunk Shop. Research and collecting Informaiton Located within Edmonton made it easy to conduct research on this agency. Additionally the range and quality of services was accessible and welcoming to disabled individuals. The Methodology involved, contacting the owner Brenda Kerber through e-mail and phone to set up an interview. We personally contacted Brenda at the Tickle Trunk located on Whyte Avenue. During this period she willingly provided answers and useful information. More to this, we analyzed the store set up, services and policies to accommodate disabled customers. Perceptions and Personal Impact of this Research Brenda had stated the initial idea to set up this particular store being a customer request that she later researched into and established in 2008 (personal communication, Oct. 31, 2012), indicating a wide customer range. I have learnt the variety of customers is not limited to race, culture, age, physical ability or gender. I would always assume customers of sex stores being sex addicts or having some physiological difficulties during sexual intercourse. My assumptions essentially root from my culture. Sex is a reserved topic until marriage and is therefore associated with procreation. I am aware of the pleasurable aspects of sex and this research has broadened my viewpoint. Another major assumption was with regards to disabled customers being asexual and/or loosing total sense of feel in sexual organs completely. Dr. Tepper’s (2000) research helped publicize sexual oppression of disabled individuals and eliminated some of my assumptions enlightening me to the complex world of disability (acquired disability, mental illness, physical disability, prenatal disability etc). Disabled individuals at least here in North America are engaged in sexual activity and I would state are having better and creative sex. Major personal turning point of this research was knowing the multiple ways to enhance one’s sex life. Social impact and Applications of this research The Tickle Trunk, is a business that is very welcoming to all individuals. This can help curious couples experiment, aid new migrants better immerse in the western culture of Sexuality and for disabled individuals (visually, hearing) private parties are conducted to help explore sexuality. Brenda has helped many physically disabled/impaired and individuals with cancer better embrace their sexual lives. On a large scale, Alberta being noted for its conservative views and reserved sexual attitude. The open minded and supportive approach of The Tickle Trunk can help educate and promote satisfying healthy sex to the general Edmonton society. Personally aspiring to be in the Nursing field certain information might be applicable during patient treatment, diagnosis etc. Disability and motherhood, guidance for parenting and resources (O’toole, 2002) are other aspects of interest to me, from a career and female rights advocate perspective. Personal and Literature related experiences of the research Pleasure is an important affirmative of life regardless of physical disability. Another similarity was the variety of individuals. In the article age ranges from 16-64 were examined. Where as customers at the shop had much more variation. Journals are scientific papers, a few controlled variables and numerical associations to sexual expression/satisfaction was noted. Whereas visiting the store gave a more personal and opinionated view of considering disability and sexuality. Overall, the different sources aided in reaching a balanced perspective. Reference List Chandler, B. J. , Brown, S. (1998). Sex and relationship dysfunction in neurological disability. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 65, 877-880. doi: 10. 1136/jnnp. 6 5. 6. 877 Kerber, Brenda. (Owner, Educator–The Travelling Tickle Trunk), personal communication October 31, 2012. O’toole, C. J. (2002). Sex Disability And Motherhood: Access To Sexuality For Disabled Mother Dsiability studies Quarterly 22(4), 81-101. Retrieved from http://dsq-sds. org/article/view/374/495 Paget, L. (2011, June 8). Dr. Linda Monda Sex and Disability. TogiEntertainment, Inc. Lindale Texas, USA: Â © 2012 Toginet Radio. Retrieved from http://podbay. fm/show/415882898/e/1309935600? autostart=1 Tepper, M. S. (2000). Sexuality and Disability: The Missing Discourse of Pleasure. HumanScience Press. 18(4), 283-290. Retrieved from http://wmst419. drkissling. com/winter2011/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Tepper2000. pdf How to cite Human Sexuality and Disability, Essay examples

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Touch Wood By Rene Roth-Hano Touch Wood Is Based On The Authors Ow Ess

"Touch Wood" by Ren?e Roth-Hano ?Touch Wood? is based on the author?s own life when she was growing as a Jewish girl during the German invasion of France. In 1940, Ren?e and her family were living in Alsace, France, where nothing ever changed. No one expected anything unusual to happen. Then one day, a war with Germany is announced on the radio. The Germans wanted to annex Alsace and forced the Jews to leave. France was split into two zones- the Free Zone and the German occupied zone. Ren?e?s father chose for them to move to Paris, because it is a big city where he can find work, and also because Ren?e?s mother has childhood friends there. So, Ren?e, her parents, her two younger sisters, and their blind grandmother move into a crowded apartment in the German-occupied zone. Ren?e was disappointed in Paris when she arrived. She finds that everything seems to be smaller in Paris. Eventually, her new neighborhood becomes more of a home and helps Ren?e to miss Alsace a little less . Ren?e?s parents had left Poland and then Hungary to find a freer, better life. They settled in France and thought they?d be safe. Then Adolf Hitler, a German man who hated Jewish people, started trouble all over again. First, seven synagogues were blown up. Then, the Germans created a curfew prohibiting Jews to go during certain hours. Any Jew caught in the street after curfew would be taken as hostage. Also, all Jewish people must wear a Star of David on their shirts. An ordinance is created requiring all Jewish firms to be registered. Then the Jewish are forbidden to go to most public places, and they are only allowed an hour to grocery shop. Suddenly, their family?s Jewish neighbors are being taken away one by one. Ren?e?s family becomes fearful. At one point, they have to hide from the police. Ren?e?s parents decide to take action. They have friends who know Mother Superior. They send Ren?e and her sisters to a Catholic residence in Normandy until the war is over. Thei r father emphasizes for them not to tell anyone that they are Jewish. When they arrive in Normandy, they find a cozy bedroom, appetizing meals, and friendly people. Ren?e has to deal with a nosy housekeeper, who could possibly uncover their secret. Ren?e and her sisters love their new school, which is much more spacious and modern than the one in Paris. Ren?e?s main concern is confusion over her religious identity. They must convert to Catholicism to perfect their disguise. Their parents have given permission for Ren?e and her sisters to be baptized and to take their first communion. They decide to pray to the Catholic god to make the war end soon, to help the French and their Allies win the war, and to protect the Jews. Ren?e becomes worried when she hears about the bombing of Paris, but she was relieved to hear that her parents were not affected. Then thirty young girls come from Paris to live in the residency where Mother Superior feels they will enjoy the fresh air and w ill be able to eat better than they did in Paris. Ren?e?s life during the war was full of illnesses. First, her sisters and her suffer from scabies, a contagious disease that their doctor says he?s only seen in animals. When their mother comes to visit them, she must cut Ren?e?s hair because of the nits in it. Then Ren?e is sick in bed for a month with jaundice. It was a miracle that she recovered from it. Because her body wasn?t very resistant after recovering from jaundice, Ren?e became infected with impetigo. Somehow she managed to overcome all of her illnesses. In 1944, the wine market being used by the Germans to store ammunition is bombed by the Allies. The fire spreads to several surrounding houses. Then the residence where they are living is bombed. They must flee their home. A farmer volunteers for them to live in his barn until they are safe. German soldiers are very close to the barn, for they can hear the troops singing. The bombshells are coming from the Germans , who refuse to surrender, and